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21st Annual Multicultural Marketing Conference

Focus on Asian American, African American, Emerging African and Hispanic American
March 23, 2017   Wellstone Center,  St. Paul, MN   8am to 2pm

Registration  $ 210         Non-profit  $175

21st Annual U.S. Hispanic Marketing Conference and Awards Luncheon

May 25, 2017    Wellstone Center,  St. Paul, MN      8am to 2pm
Registration  $210        Non-profit $175

National Hispanic marketing leaders have rated this conference the “best” Hispanic marketing conference in the country. Innovative, informative, entertaining, exciting, fun and most of all worth your time away from the office. We bring to you the top Hispanic marketing leaders in the country in a setting that has you coming away with insights, strategies and awareness of the fastest growing & biggest consumer segment in the U.S. This conference is must for companies getting in to the Hispanic market and for companies who are in the market and want to remain on top.


Saturday, September 23, 2017 27th Event , Nuevo Rodeo, Minneapolis, MN
11am to 3 pm

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La Familia is a “winner” for companies and organizations that want to form relationships and promote their products and services to the Latino consumer.

This unique blend of festival & expo is truly a one-of-a-kind event in the country. The Latino community loves the friendly family feeling that the Neighborhood House offers and exhibitors and sponsors have been impressed with the ROI this events brings to the bottom line.

Our goal of La Familia is to educate and motivate our Latino attendees all the while we want to present a winning message for your company. Join us as we celebrate our 10th anniversary of this winning event.

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